FireWise Community

Slatemont first earned its FireWise designation from the Virginia Department of Forestry in 2011 and continues to be the only FireWise Community in Floyd county.

There are a number of steps to becoming a FireWise Community.

Step 1- Contact the Virginia Department of Forestry

Becoming recognized as a FireWise Community/USA begins with the community itself.

Step 2 - Site visit

A Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) representative will schedule a visit to evaluate the community.

Step 3 - Form a FireWise Committee

A FireWise committee can include homeowners, fire professionals, and/or members of other interest groups.

Step 4 - Create a Plan

Upon completion of the FireWise assessment it is used as the basis for creating a plan that contains agree-upon, area-specific solutions to its wildfire issues. Full development of the FireWise plan may take several months.

Step 5 - Sponsor an Event

A FireWise Day must be held each year to maintain recognition status. FireWise Days can include chipping days, public awareness events, brush cleaning or other activities.

Step 6 - Invest a Minimum of $2 per Capita

For example, in a community of 100 residents, $200 will be invested in projects named in the plan prepared by the FireWise Committee. Volunteer hours and use of equipment can be included in this figure.

Step 7 - Recognition

FireWise Communities/USA recognition status is achieved when the VDOF receives the community's completed FireWise plan, and after the community has completed one FireWise project.

Step 8 - Renewing your Recognition Status

Recognition renewal is completed by December 31st each year by filling out a very short form.

For more information on becoming a FireWise community, please visit the Virginia Department of Forestry website at or print the following .pdf document.